Simple Salad Recipe

This recipe is gluten-free and can be prepared raw and vegan

This is just a simple, easy salad you can make anytime, paired with a basic 4-ingredient dressing.  You can use the ingredients listed below or switch them up and create your own unique salad flavor.



For the salad, you will need:

-lettuce (any kind you like – I used romaine), about 1 head

-1-2 leaves of kale with cores (optional)

-1 bell pepper (I used yellow)

-a few small tomatoes

-3 mini cucumbers (not the super mini ones)

-some green onion (however much you like, maybe 3-4)

-several sprigs of dill

-raw shelled sunflower seeds to sprinkle on top


For the dressing:

-1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

-1/4 cup lemon juice

-1/4 cup honey (or other sweetener if you want to make this dish vegan), preferable raw

-1-2 cloves garlic, depending on your taste preferences

You can also add salt and pepper, if you so desire, and any other spices you like.  Sometimes I make this with basil and oregano for a Greek salad.



Like any other salad, simply chop up your ingredients: the lettuce, kale, bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, and green onion, and mix them together.

At this point, you can also chop the dill and mix it in or sprinkle it on top after you’ve mixed the other ingredients.

Add the sunflower seeds (and dill, if you haven’t already) on top as a garnish and to add a nice crunch to the salad.


To make the dressing, add all the ingredients into a bullet or blender and blend until combined and creamy.  Drizzle on top of your salad just before eating and enjoy!


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